The Pain Program

Persistent Pain Management Program

The Pain Program incorporates
evidence-based education and intervention strategies, empowering persistent pain sufferers overcome pain barriers and improve their quality of life.

The Pain Program incorporates:


Detailed case review, clinical assessment, stakeholder engagement/communications and report

Group Education Program

Four day facilitated program run by TPP Pain Leads. Delivered in person or virtually


Individualised programs designed to practically implement learnings from the Group Education Program for long term, positive change

Participants who qualify for The Pain Program include people with:

  • Persistent (Chronic) Pain
  • Beliefs that their condition is significantly harmful or disabling
  • Avoidance behaviours in anticipation of pain
  • Low mood, altered behaviour and social withdrawal due to their condition
  • Expectations / history of ongoing passive treatment rather than active management
  • Severe injuries or multiple traumas
  • “Failed” treatments/interventions
  • Requirement for better understanding of their current situation and future capacity

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