InterHealthcare was founded and is led by Dr Jason McMillan who worked within the industry as a practice owner, treating Chiropractic patients for many years.  He saw the need and opportunity to bring together multidisciplinary allied health practices and professionals to support their growth as part of a leading network. With growth and scale comes the ability to have greater influence and the ability to reach more people and support them in experiencing better health and wellbeing.

InterHealthcare, our partner practices and practitioners are all committed in the belief that great healthcare allows everyone to lead a fulfilling life and be the best possible version of themselves. Together we ensure every patient receives exceptional care and a quality outcome.

Jason McMillan
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Local practices serving local communities

Within our group of partner practices, principals lead the day-to-day activities to ensure that the team is best able to meet the specific needs of the community and offer patients personalised care and support through a health and wellbeing journey.

Practitioners and patients have the added benefit of knowing the practice is part of a bigger network that places a high priority on clinical excellence and outcomes. 

Multidisciplinary services are also available in home and virtually to ensure that allied health care is available when and where it is needed irrespective of mobility or geographical location.



Occupational Therapy

Exercise Physiology